Benefits Provided by Previous Updates

    The section below provides a list of benefits provided by previous updates.

    Benefits provided by previous updates and included in the latest System Software Update

    • Improves the general performance and stability of the TV
    • Note: Corrects the following conditions that may have occured after installing software update version PKG2.901AAA:
      • Resolves a condition where the Amazon® app cannot be accessed on some 4K TVs or is now only providing content in 2K format
      • Resolves a condition where 3D movies do not work (the screen goes white and only the sound is heard)
      • Resolves a condition where the picture flickers after switching the input from an HDMI input that has an active device connected to the TV input
    • Adds support for the Samba TV™ function
    • Changed access method of Football search via CSX
    • Added support for Widget security
    • Modified "IPTV_Auto24P no work issue"
    • Updates BRAVIA B2B
    • Removed Social Friend service
    • Removed Friend Invite service
    • Changed Home Game Pane
    • Improves performance and stability of overall UI operation
    • Improves the performance of 4K playback using USB
    • Enables Transport Layer Security 1.0 (TLS1.0) to enhance security of Internet applications
    • Improves reliability to the Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL3.0)
    • Improves the login function for the Skype® online calling service
    • Corrects a condition where an Error 5010 message is displayed when refreshing Internet content on the TV