Benefits Provided by Previous Updates

    The section below list the benefits provided by previous versions which are included in this update.

    • Adds support for future maintenance of the Spotify Connect app.
    • Changes the default settings to allow you to start Chromecast built-in playback from Standby mode.
    • Improves the Audio Output feature
    • Supports Chromecast built-in™ for Audio v1.21
    • Improved Chromecast built-in connectivity
    • Improved Bluetooth Transmitter (BT TX) connectivity
    • Adds Multi Room Function support for the Chromecast built-in for Audio application
    • Adds support for music sources sent from SCMS-T devices via Bluetooth during Wireless Surround function
    • Provides improved GUI (graphical user interface) stability
    • Improved Network Connectivity
    • Improves Multi Room function by adding support for USB music playback
    • Adds support for the Wireless Surround function
    • Adds support for the Spotify® Preset (For regions where the Spotify app is available)
    • Updates the Chromecast built-in SDK for the following:
      • Adds support for Hi-res content
      • Adds support for the Mirroring function (available once this service starts by Google®)