Article ID : S1Q0017 / Last Modified : 10/31/2002

DSC-F717 Cyber-shot® Digital Still Camera Focus Issue

    Initial production of Sony's DSC-F717 Cyber-shot® digital still cameras have displayed inaccurate focusing under certain limited conditions. These conditions include ambient light low enough to activate the Hologram AF, at short distances, and higher zoom settings.

    In order to determine whether or not your DSC-F717 has the issue, please confirm the following:

    • The Camera is a DSC-F717
    • The camera serial number falls into one of the following serial number ranges:

      • 1320001-1320404
      • 1320407
      • 1320409-1320422
      • 1320424-1320425
      • 1320427-1320430
      • 1320432
      • 1320434-1320440
      • 1320442-1320463
      • 1320465-1320468
      • 1320470-1334250
      • 1334801-1334900
      • 1335251-1337694
      • 1337883-1338610
      • 1339051-1339550
    • Images are out of focus when using Hologram AF, typically, but not limited to, short distances and higher zoom settings. This issue will not occur with Hologram AF selected "off".

    If your camera does meet the above criteria, please contact Sony to arrange for service. The inaccurate focus is the result of an improper Hologram AF focus parameter. The parameter can be adjusted by Sony Service Centers or Sony Authorized Service Centers in accordance with Sony's limited warranty.

    Sony is providing express pick-up and return shipment service for these cameras to correct this focus issue. Please contact the Sony Customer Experience Center for further assistance at 1-888-449-7669.