Article ID : S1Q0022 / Last Modified : 10/03/2002

Connecting USB Devices

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Connecting USB Devices

Your VAIO® computer may automatically restart or perform unexpectedly when USB devices are connected.

Sony Digital Cameras and Camcorders

When a Sony Digital Camera or Camcorder is connected to a VAIO computer via a USB port featuring USB Specification version 1.1 or some variations of USB 2.0, the computer may restart or behave unexpectedly.

USB Input Devices

The computer may automatically restart if a Universal Serial Bus (USB) input device, such as a USB mouse, is attached to a computer during a streaming USB audio or video session. This issue occurs if the USB bandwidth usage exceeds 100% when the USB device is connected. To avoid this issue, Sony recommends that you connect any USB input devices before beginning your audio or video streaming activities.

NOTICE!! A USB software update is now available for certain VAIO® computers. Please refer to the installation text for the applicable model listing.

Microsoft is investigating this matter. For the most current information, as well as further details and other workarounds, please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q327863 at