Article ID : S1Q0034 / Last Modified : 04/01/2004

VERITAS RecordNow™ DX Software DVD Creation Issue

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An issue has been identified involving the creation of DVDs with the VERITAS RecordNow™ DX software (now known as Sonic RecordNow! software). When using the VERITAS RecordNow™ DX software, if a DVD is mastered as multi-border (multi-session), and if there is more that 4 gigabytes (GB) of data in any combination of borders, only the first border is readable. More information regarding this issue can be found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

This issue is only applicable to VAIO® Desktop systems that shipped with software titled "VERITAS RecordNow™ DX". The list of applicable models is as follows:

  • PCV-MXS10
  • PCV-MXS20
  • PCV-RX554
  • PCV-RX580
  • PCV-RX581
  • PCV-RX590G
  • PCV-RX600
  • PCV-RX65M
  • PCV-RX670
  • PCV-RX671
  • PCV-RX672
  • PCV-RX680G
  • PCV-RX681
  • PCV-RX682
  • PCV-RX690G
  • PCV-RX700
  • PCV-RX752
  • PCV-RX753
  • PCV-RX75M
  • PCV-RX770
  • PCV-RX770P
  • PCV-RX780G
  • PCV-RX781
  • PCV-RX790G
  • PCV-RX791
  • PCV-RX830
  • PCV-RX85M
  • PCV-RX860
  • PCV-RX860P
  • PCV-RX881
  • PCV-RX891
  • PCV-RZ10C
  • PCV-RZ14G
  • PCV-RZ16G

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download and install the UDF Reader QFE (Q329112) Update Utility.
  2. Update the VERITAS RecordNow™ DX software to version 4.61. This update is available from the Sonic Solutions´ website located at
  3. A DVD-RW Drive Firmware Update may also be required. Please check the Pioneer® DVD-RW Drive Firmware (Version 1.40 and 4.20) Update Utility for a list of applicable models. If your computer model is listed, please download and install the firmware update.

After installing the appropriate updates, the VERITAS RecordNow™ DX Software DVD Creation Issue should be resolved.