Article ID : S1Q0040 / Last Modified : 05/18/2004

Incompatibility between 128MB Memory Stick® media and certain Memory Stick® media-compatible devices

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Please refer to the tables below for a list of 128MB Memory Stick media models that cannot be used with certain, otherwise Memory Stick media-compatible, devices.

Memory Stick Media Type Model #
128MB Memory Stick (MagicGate™/High-speed data transfer compatible) MSH-128
128MBx2 Memory Stick (with Memory Select Function, MagicGate™/High-speed data transfer compatible) MSH-128S2
128MB Memory Stick Duo™ (MagicGate™/High-speed data transfer compatible) MSH-M128/N (*1)
128MB Memory Stick Duo™ (MagicGate™/High-speed data transfer compatible) MSH-M128A (*1)
128MB Memory Stick MSA-128A
128MB Memory Stick (with Memory Select Function) MSA-128S2
128MB MagicGate™ Memory Stick MSG-128A
128MB MagicGate™ Memory Stick Duo™ MSG-M128A (*1)
(*1) These models cannot be used with the devices below even when inserted into the Memory Stick Duo Adaptor (MSAC-M2).

The Memory Stick media listed above cannot be used with the Memory Stick-compatbile devices listed below.

Please use a different Memory Stick media model for these devices.

Memory Stick-Compatible Device Type Model #
Digital Camcorder DSR-PD100
Digital Camcorder DSR-PD100A
Digital Camcorder DSR-PD100P
Digital Camcorder DSR-PD100AP
Digital Camcorder DCR-TRV900
Digital Camcorder DCR-TRV900E
Digital Camcorder DCR-TRV10
Digital Camcorder DCR-TRV10E
Digital Camcorder DCR-PC100
Digital Camcorder DCR-PC100E
Memory Stick PC Card Adaptor MSAC-PC1