Article ID : S1Q0062 / Last Modified : 03/29/2019Print

Important Notice for VAIO® PCG-GRT2xx/3xx Series and PCG-GRZ Series Notebook Customers

    This information applies to the following Sony® VAIO® notebook computers:

    • PCG-GRT280ZG
    • PCG-GRT360ZG
    • PCG-GRZ530
    • PCG-GRZ630
    • PCG-GRT290Z
    • PCG-GRT380ZG
    • PCG-GRZ600
    • PCG-GRZ660
    • PCG-GRT290ZP
    • PCG-GRT390ZP
    • PCG-GRZ610

    Your notebook computer is equipped with a cooling fan and heat sink that help your notebook computer maintain the proper operating temperature. These areas must be kept clean and free from debris, so as not to restrict the air flow.

    Since your notebook computer is a portable device, it can be used in a variety of environments. Please avoid placing your notebook in the following areas:

    • In locations that are subject to excessive dust or dirt, such as the floor or on the ground.
    • On or near surfaces that may have dust or shedding fibers, such as rugs, blankets, curtains, or draperies.
    • In areas where pets are kept, or pet hair accumulates.

    If dust is allowed to accumulate in the cooling fan and heat sink area, your notebook computer may overheat and stop operating properly.

    Instructions are available for cleaning the fan for affected Sony® VAIO® PCG-GRT Series notebook computers.