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Characters K, L, M, X, Y, Z, k, l, m, x, y, z do not appear on the Title Input screen of the Edit menu

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This is a known issue affecting Minidisc Walkman® Player MZ-RH10 models with serial numbers ranging from 5020761-5041780.

NOTE:  The serial number is located inside the MiniDisc compartment lid.

Please note that although characters K, L, M, X, Y, Z, k, l, m, x, y, z do not appear on the display, you can still select these letters by scrolling to the right. You can also title the tracks by utilizing the SonicStage® software application.

If you own a MZ-RH10 with a serial number within the range above, a firmware update is available for your unit at no charge until 12/31/07. The update will enable all available characters to appear on the display. The update requires a change to the internal firmware of your MZ-RH10 unit, and can only be performed by the Sony Laredo Service Center.

IMPORTANT:  After the firmware upgrade is performed, all Menu settings will revert to the original factory settings.

To arrange the firmware update, please call Sony at 800-222-SONY(7669) before Dec. 31, 2007, and request the "MZ-RH10 Firmware Update."

To make the process quick and easy, Sony will send you a postage-prepaid box and packing materials. When you receive the box, simply place your unit in the box and send it to the Sony Service Center.

Upon receipt of your MZ-RH10, the Sony Service Center will update the firmware and return the unit to you at no charge. Please allow approximately 10 business days for the update and return shipment.


  • This firmware update is available free of charge until Dec. 31, 2007.
  • The only Sony Service Center location able to perform the update is the Laredo, TX facility. Do not send your unit to any other Sony location or authorized Sony service center - doing so will delay the firmware upgrade process.
  • Once received by the Sony Service Center, allow approximately 10 business days for completion of the upgrade.
  • Sony advises you to properly pack your MZ-RH10 unit in the box provided. Sony is not responsible for damage sustained due to improperly packaged units.
  • DO NOT send any accessories (such as the Hi-MD disc, cables, or headphones) with the unit.
  • Keep a copy of the shipping document for your records.
  • Sony will ship units to US addresses only.
  • The limited warranty period is not extended after this firmware upgrade is performed. The limited warranty period begins from the date or original purchase, and all other limited warranty terms continue to apply.
  • After the firmware update is performed, all Menu settings will revert to the original factory settings.