Article ID : S1Q0096 / Last Modified : 10/12/2005

ATI® HyperMemory™ Support

    A combination of updates is now available to provide ATI® HyperMemory™ support on the VGN-A60091. Please download and run the updates to enable the ATI HyperMemory feature. The updates should be installed in the order presented below.

    These updates will make an additional 128MB of dynamically shared RAM available for video graphics, resulting in a maximum of 256MB available for video graphics. Since ATI HyperMemory shares RAM dynamically, there is no reduction in available system RAM.

    NOTE: For VGN-A600, VGN-A600B, VGN-A600P, and VGN-A690 computer systems, the original specifications did not include the ATI HyperMemory feature. However, Sony has made this update available for these models.