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Lamp Indicator is Flashing

    Originally Posted:12/06/2005

    If the screen becomes dark, the color looks unusual, or the LAMP indicator on the front of the TV flashes, it is time to replace the lamp with a new one (not supplied).

    Use only a replacement Sony XL-2200U for your TV. Use of any other lamp may damage your LCD projection TV. Contact your Sony dealer for a replacement lamp.

    Please refer the "Replacing the Lamp" section in your TV model (KDF55WF655 | KDF60WF655 | KDF55XS955 | KDF60XS955 operating system manual for step-by-step directions for replacing your TV's lamp.

    Note: Before replacing the lamp, turn the power off on the main unit. Wait several minutes, then unplug the power cord. (The cooling fan will continue to blow for about two minutes after turning the power off.)

    Be sure to allow the lamp to cool down completely before removing it. The surface of the lamp remains extremely hot for at least 30 minutes after the power has been turned off.