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iPod® Devices compatible with Sony® Car Audio Systems

    General Notes

    • The iPod device and Sony car audio device compatibility presented in this document is validated under certain conditions, including the device specification at the time of testing. These results are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.
    • If you cannot operate the iPod function through the car audio system follow these steps:
      • Disconnect the iPod from the car audio unit
      • Turn off the car audio unit by pressing the OFF button for 2 seconds.
      • Turn on the car audio unit by pressing the OFF button for 2 seconds or the SOURCE button.
      • Reconnect the iPod device
    • Some characters of the music titles may not display correctly due to the character code information attached to the music file.
    • The iPod device may be damaged if connected when the car engine is started. Please connect the iPod to the car audio system only after the car engine is started.
    • Please refer to the operating instructions or contact the manufacturer of your device for more information.

    Compatible iPod Devices

    • Please update your iPod to the latest software version before use
    • iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registed in the U.S. and other countries.