Article ID : S1Q0144 / Last Modified : 08/09/2006

Security Vulnerability in the Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection Driver

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Important Notice to Owners of VAIO® Personal Computers with Intel Wireless LAN Devices

Intel has announced that a security vulnerability has been identified in some Intel PRO/Wireless LAN Drivers.

To remedy this security vulnerability on your VAIO computer, please download and run the Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection Driver Update.

Important Notice

This driver update remedies the security vulnerability issue. However, some parts of the pre-installed VAIO Wireless Switching Utility may no longer function properly after installing the update. Sony is working to provide an update to the Wireless Switching Utility that will restore full functionality. Please check your model update page periodically for new updates.

Please click here for instructions on how to manually switch between wireless services.