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Notice to Owners of Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-T100 Digital Still Cameras

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Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Sony has recently discovered an issue affecting the "slide show with music" function in certain units of its Digital Still Camera Cyber-shot DSC-T100.

In its effort to ensure customer satisfaction, Sony has elected to offer a downloadable software update to owners of affected cameras. Installing the downloadable update will resolve the issue.

We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

Symptom and Cause

When the "slide show with music" function is used with your transferred music more than 170 seconds in length, the slide show may not play correctly, with the message "No images" appearing on the LCD screen.

This issue is caused by a problem affecting the unit's built-in software that results in insufficient memory capacity during playback.

NOTE: Even if the message "No images" is displayed, this does not affect images saved on the camera. Images saved on the camera can still be replayed and transferred as normal.

Affected Models

DSC-T100/S (Silver) cameras with serial numbers in the following ranges:
      520651 - 522130
      524381 - 524950
      525001 - 525700
      525701 - 526150
      528251 - 529250
      531151 - 531290
      532501 - 534300
      537301 - 537840
      538311 - 538850
      540151 - 541130
      541531 - 541650
      541661 - 542080
      545151 - 545580
DSC-T100/B (Black) cameras with serial numbers in the following ranges:
      530751 - 531150
      542151 - 542410
      542421 - 542430
      542891 - 542900
      543451 - 544450

NOTE: Some cameras may already have been updated to resolve the issue, even though they are in the serial number range stated above.

How to Determine if Your Camera Needs the Update

Please follow the steps below to check the software version installed on your camera.

  1. Press and hold the "HOME" button and simultaneously press the "Playback" button to power on the camera.
    NOTE: When the camera powers on, the message "No images" may be displayed. This means no images exist in the camera, which is not a problem.
  2. If the clock has not been set, the "Clock Settings" screen appears. Please set the clock before proceeding.
  3. Press the "HOME" button to go to the home screen, then use the control buttons to move to "Settings", then "Main Settings", and then press the center button to select.
  4. At the "Main Settings" screen, use the control buttons to move to and select "Main Settings 2".
  5. At the "Main Settings 2" screen, check the version number displayed. If the version number is "0620", the update is necessary. If the version number is other than "0620", the update is not needed.

How to Update the Software on Your Camera

Sony has made available a downloadable software update to resolve this issue. Please click here to go to the DSC-T100 Software Update download page.

IMPORTANT: Updating the DSC-T100 software will return the camera to the original factory settings. All personal settings will be lost, including the date and time, and any images stored in the internal memory. It is strongly recommended to transfer all images stored in the camera's internal memory to Memory Stick® media or to a computer before updating the software.

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