Article ID : S1Q0192 / Last Modified : 05/24/2007

Computer Restarts at Shutdown if Picture Package® Version 18 Software is Installed

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Sony has recently discovered an issue affecting shutdown for certain computers with Picture Package version 1.8 software installed. The issue affects those computers using Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Edition or Home Edition for the operating system.

Symptom and Cause

The computer automatically restarts and cannot be turned off when trying to shut down if Picture Package version 1.8 software has been installed.

This issue is caused by a recent security update that conflicts with the USB driver installed by the Picture Package software shipped with certain Sony® DVD Handycam® camcorders.

Affected Models

The following Sony DVD Handycam camcorders that shipped with Picture Package version 1.8 software:

  • DCR-DVD7
  • DCR-DVD103
  • DCR-DVD203
  • DCR-DVD305
  • DCR-DVD403
  • DCR-DVD405
  • DCR-DVD505
  • DCR-DVD803


Sony has made a free downloadable software update available to resolve this issue. Please click here to download the Picture Package® Software USB Driver 2 Update utility.

NOTE: If the "Sony DVD Handycam USB Driver 2" was removed as a temporary work around, it is necessary to reinstall the Picture Package version 1.8 software that came with the camcorder before installing the USB Driver 2 Update.