Article ID : S1Q0200 / Last Modified : 05/25/2007Print

Camera Turns On or Off By Itself When Placed Inside A Carrying Case

    This camera model uses a Lens Barrier Detection sensor which is magnetically activated and deactivated depending on the position of the lens cover/barrier. Because this sensor is magnetically controlled, the camera may inadvertently turn on or off when placed inside a carrying case that has a flap with a magnetic snap or latch. This will occur if the Lens Barrier Detection sensor in the camera comes into close proximity of the magnetic snap or latch on the carrying case. To prevent this from happening, reposition the camera in the carrying case by inverting it or by inserting it in the carrying case with the front of the camera facing away from the magnetic snap or latch. All the Sony-branded carrying cases recommended for this model have been tested with this camera model and should not cause this symptom.