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A Distortion Bar is Displayed Along the Bottom of the Television Screen

    When a television is connected via HDMI input to the DVD Player/Receiver unit of certain Sony® Home Theater systems the following symptom may occur when playing DVDs:

    A 'Distortion Bar' may appear on the bottom of the screen (see illustration below).

    NOTE: This is an error found within the DVD Player/Receiver unit and is not a problem with the television's HDMI connection.

    This symptom only occurs when all of the following conditions are true:

    • The video signal output resolution is set to 1280x720p or 1920x1080i.
    • The "HDMI CONTROL" function in the "CUSTOM SETUP" menu is set to "ON".
    • The Home Theater system and the television are powered on simultaneously using the "One-Touch Play" function.

    Affected Models

    Please consult the chart below for affected models:

      Home Theatre System     DVD Player/Receiver Unit     Affected Serial Number Range  
    DAV-HDX466 HCD-HDX466 4100001 - 4105420
    DAV-HDX665 HCD-HDX665 4100001 - 4100900
    DAV-HDX900W HCD-HDX900W 4100001 - 4100020
    DAV-HDZ235 HCD-HDZ235 4100001 - 4105751

    How to Resolve the Issue

    Download Firmware

    Sony is offering a free downloadable firmware update to owners of the affected Sony Home Theater Systems to correct the issue.
    NOTE: The downloadable firmware update must be burned to a CD using a computer capable of burning CDs.

    Please click the model number of your DVD Player/Receiver unit to download the firmware update:


    If you have any questions, or require further assistance, please call Sony Canada Support at 877-899-SONY (877-899-7669).