Article ID : S1Q0209 / Last Modified : 07/13/2007

Announcement Regarding the Supplied CD-ROM

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Due to a problem in the CD-ROM production process, the Operation Guide (PDF) and/or device driver for the MP3 Walkman® digital music player may not install correctly from the supplied CD-ROM.

To resolve this issue, Sony has made the Operation Guide and the Device Driver for Network Walkman™ Players available for free download.

  • Please visit your model's Manuals / Specs / Warranty page to download the Operation Guide.
  • Please visit your model's Software / Drivers page to download the Device Driver for Network Walkman™ Players.
    NOTE: The device driver is only required for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system. If you are using Windows Vista® or Windows XP operating system, the player should work with the native Windows driver.