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Sudden Volume Increase Above Maximum on Certain STR-DG820 Multichannel A/V Receivers

    Under certain circumstances, you could experience a sudden volume increase. This may occur when the BRAVIA® Sync feature is activated on both your Sony television and your STR-DG820 A/V receiver, or the HDMI control feature is activated on a non-Sony television. Under these circumstances, the volume level may suddenly increase above the maximum level of your receiver. This issue does not otherwise affect the overall usability of your receiver.

    If the serial number of your STR-DG820 multichannel A/V receiver falls with the 4770001 to 4775350 range, you may have an affected unit. If, however, there is also a green or blue round sticker next to the unit's model number label, your unit is not one of the affected units.

    Should your serial number fall within the above noted range and there is no blue or green round sticker beside the model number label, please contact Sony's Customer Information Centre at 1-877-899-7669 to determine whether your unit is affected. If so, to address this issue, you would need to send your receiver in to an authorized servicer for a firmware update.

    Please note that the firmware installation process will reset the receiver back to its original factory settings. It is therefore recommended that you record all of your desired customized settings before the receiver is collected so that you can reset them following the firmware update.

    Should you choose not to update the firmware of your receiver, we recommend that you do not activate the BRAVIA Sync or HDMI control feature on your receiver or, if you have activated it, that you turn this feature off.

    To check the model and serial number of your receiver and whether there is a sticker please look at the back panel of the unit , as follows:

    STR-DG820 Label