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Ustream (currently IBM Cloud Video) Program Changes

    Originally Posted: 07/31/2018

    Thank you for your interest in Sony products.

    Ustream, live video streaming service by Ustream, Inc., has been owned by IBM since about January 2016. Ustream has since been renamed IBM Cloud Video.

    IBM announced that as of September 17, 2018, IBM Cloud Video will end free streaming plans and provide only paid plans.

    For more details, please see the notice on the IBM website.

    Ustream, IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Video are trademarks of IBM.

    Affected Models

    Handycam® Models

    • FDR-AX33
    • FDR-AX40
    • FDR-AX53
    • FDR-AXP35
    • HDR-CX440
    • HDR-CX455
    • HDR-CX675
    • HDR-PJ440
    • HDR-PJ670
    • HDR-PJ675

    Action CAM Models

    • FDR-X1000V
    • FDR-X1000VR
    • FDR-X3000
    • FDR-X3000R
    • HDR-AS100V*
    • HDR-AS100VR*
    • HDR-AS200V
    • HDR-AS200VR
    • HDR-AS300
    • HDR-AS300R
    • HDR-AS50
    • HDR-AS50R
    • HDR-AZ1
    • HDR-AZ1VR

    * The HDR-AS100V and HDR-AS100VR require system software version 2.00, to support streaming video.

    Note: Not all models are sold in all countries/regions.