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Why isn't my SIM card recognized in my device?

    Try these methods one after the other. Verify if the problem is solved after each process before trying the next one.

    • Make sure you insert the SIM™ card the prescribed way into the correct slot. You can look up the proper way to insert your SIM card in the user manual for your Xperia® device. You can check the online user guide for your product. Manuals are posted on your model support page. - Select your product and click Online user guide.
    • Check that you use the correct SIM card format. Different Xperia phones or tablets might support other SIM card formats: Mini-SIM (standard SIM card) or Micro SIM (a very small SIM card). Please do not use a micro SIM card or a Nano SIM card in an adapter for a larger format. Not only can this interfere with detecting the SIM card, but it can also physically damage your SIM card holder.
    • If your Xperia phone or tablet uses a Micro SIM card or Nano SIM card, check if you used a punched-out Micro SIM card or a punched-out Nano SIM card. If you have converted your Mini SIM card to a Micro SIM by stamping it out, the SIM card might be defective due to this process.To rule out that possibility, please test an original Micro IM card in your Xperia phone or tablet. Testing the punched-out SIM card in another device does not rule out a defect, as different devices might react differently to a defect in the SIM card.
    • Check how old your SIM card is. Previous SIM card formats used different voltages. If your card is older than 4-5 years, please contact your network operator to swap your SIM card.
    • Check if your Xperia device works with another SIM card since your SIM card might be defective. Testing your SIM card in another device does not rule out a defect of the SIM card, as different devices might react differently to a defect of the SIM card.
    • Make sure that your SIM card is activated. If your SIM card is new, using it on your Xperia device might take a while. Contact your network operator if you are not sure if your SIM card has been activated.
    • Update your Xperia device to the newest software version. Due to improvements in more recent software versions, updating your Xperia phone or tablet to the latest available software version might be necessary.