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Why do I see a color shift when I look at the display from an angle?

    Valid for

    • Xperia® devices with an OLED screen

    You might see the display shift to a more blueish tone when you look at it from an angle. This is normal for a device with an OLED screen.

    Organic pixels emit light in OLED (organic light-emitting diode), but in order to extract light efficiently, light interference is used, so when viewed from an angle, the film thickness of the organic layer changes, so the balance of each color is always out of balance.

    The Xperia phone is designed to balance the front view and the diagonal view in consideration of power consumption, etc., so it is designed so that it can be used with as little color change as possible.

    Phone shows RGB pixel color and how it shifts on viewing angle

    Example of color shift:

    two OLED mobile devices. One on a flat surface and the other at an angle showing the blueish tone