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What are burn-in images and how can I prevent them?

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    Valid for

    • Xperia® devices with an OLED screen


    You might experience that images, such as small icons, might be visible as permanent faint shadows even when not displayed. This is a characteristic typical of an OLED screen and it might occur after very long usage with high-resolution images always displayed in the same position. Your Xperia software will prevent or mitigate burn-in images under normal usage and conditions. You can also help prevent burn-in images if you perform the following:

    • Adjust the brightness level

      1. Find and tap SettingsDisplayBrightness level.

      2. Drag the slider to set the brightness level as dark, but still readable, as possible.

    • Turn on Adaptive brightness

      1. Find and tap SettingsDisplayAdaptive brightness.

      2. Tap the slider beside Adaptive brightness to turn the feature on.

    • Set the time for Sleep mode

      1. Find and tap SettingsDisplaySleep.

      2. Select a short time such as 15 seconds.