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How do I back up, restore or transfer my content using Google's cloud services? (2019-2020 products)

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    Topics covered in this article

    • How do I transfer content, e.g. contacts, SMS messages and photos to my new phone?
    • Which is the easiest way to transfer my data to a new phone?
    • I bought a new phone and want to transfer content from my old phone. How do I do this?
    • I want to make sure my data is backed up. How do I do this?
    • How do I restore backed up data?
    • How do I migrate my data in an easy way?
    • How do I transfer, back up and restore my data with Google Drive™ storage?
    • How do I sync data with Google™?

    Valid for

    • Xperia® 1
    • Xperia 1 II
    • Xperia 5
    • Xperia 10 II
    • Xperia 10
    • Xperia 10 Plus
    • Xperia L4


    You should always make sure that personal content on your device, e.g. photos, videos, SMS text messages, contacts and applications, are synced or a back up is completed on a regular basis. This will help you smoothly transfer content to another device or restore content to your current device after a factory data reset. The recommended solution is to use the Google cloud services, including Google account sync, Google Drive, and Google Photos™. An alternative method is to use a PC or SD card. Check out the data migration page and the various methods to sync or back up data section to find more information about the various methods.

    Note: It's very important that you remember your Google account password or any other password that you set when making a backup. You also need to remember your device's screen lock PIN, pattern or password, since this is used for encryption of some data.


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