Article ID : 00022588 / Last Modified : 03/29/2019

The CD Player platter does not spin or displays Table Error.

    Follow this procedure when the platter of a CD Changer does not spin or displays Table Error.

    IMPORTANT: If model-specific information is required to complete a step, check the product manual of the CD Changer.

    1. Open the door to the unit.
    2. Press the center button in the Jog Dial , and attempt to remove all the CD's in the unit.

      jog dial


      • Verify that all the discs that were installed in the unit are removed. If all the discs do not come out, the unit will need service.
      • If the player is not operating correctly, reinstalling CDs may damage the CDs.
    3. Attempt to rotate the platter with all discs removed. If the platter rotates, install a few discs to verify operation.
    4. If the platter does not spin when the unit is empty, service will be required.

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