Article ID : 00032552 / Last Modified : 04/14/2021

What is Shuffle Play and what are the differences with the various Shuffle modes?

    The Shuffle Play mode allows audio tracks from both a compact disc (CD) and a USB device to be played back in random order.

    NOTE: USB compatibility and/or the Shuffle Play mode is not available on every audio product. To verify whether your unit has a USB port or has any of the available Shuffle Play modes, check the operating instructions.

    The differences in the various Shuffle modes are as follows:

    • Track Shuffle - shuffles the whole album.
    • Unit Shuffle - shuffles the whole playlist regardless of album.
    • Shuffle play - shuffles all discs within a single group or all discs in the changer.
    • Group Shuffle play - will not allow for the shuffling of more than one group.
    • All Disc Shuffle - will not allow specific groups to be eliminated from shuffling.


    • If the player is set to the CD function, playback will stop after all the tracks have been played unless the stereo system is set to Repeat Play mode.
    • If the player is set to the USB function, the tracks will play back in random order continuously unless you press the STOP button.