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The STEREO indicator light turns on and off, or does not come on at all.

    Follow this procedure to troubleshoot the STEREO indicator on the receiver.

    NOTE: The STEREO indicator light only illuminates when a strong enough stereo broadcast is being received.

    1. Ensure the receiver has been configured for stereo. The stereo indicator will not light in mono mode or when receiving an AM broadcast.
    2. Verify that the receiver has an FM antenna connected to it. You may have to adjust the location of the antenna for better reception.

      NOTE: Depending on the broadcast, some stations may come in weaker than others causing the indicator to turn on and off, or not come on at all.

    3. Connect a different FM antenna to the receiver. In rural areas, the supplied wire antenna may not be able to receive FM stations clearly.

    NOTE: This and other information is also available in the manual included with your product. Refer to you product manual for specific information.