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BRAVIA Sync (HDMI-CEC) overview and troubleshooting information

    BRAVIA™ Sync, BRAVIA Link, and CONTROL for HDMI are names of the HDMI-CEC feature on Sony products. The HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a HDMI® standard that provides control functions between different A/V devices such as TVs, home theater systems, Blu-ray Disc™ players, Cameras, Camcorders, and other HDMI devices. It allows you to control CEC compatible devices with one remote control.

    Basic commands supported include:

    • Power On/Off (Device auto power off and TV auto power on)
    • Volume control
    • Device menu control
    • Basic playback functions
    • Utilize two-way audio transfer with eARC/ARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel/Audio Return Channel) to send/receive audio between the TV and audio system (A/V Receiver or Soundbar).

    BRAVIA Sync connections

    Here are some points to remember when connecting a BRAVIA Sync control system:

    • In order for the system to function, all devices connected must compatible with the HDMI-CEC standard.
    • The HDMI-CEC standard supports:
      • 1 - TV
      • 1 - Audio system (A/V Receiver or Soundbar)
      • Up to 3 - Playback devices
      • Up to 3 - Recording devices
      • Up to 4 - Tuner devices


    • If you connect more devices than supported in a device category, errors in operation will occur.
    • Some devices connected to the TV may show as more that one device (Soundbar with Smart functions) and may appear as an audio system and a playback device.
    • If you are using a power strip, make sure that any of your components that are part of the HDMI-CEC system are plugged into either a regular power strip or a power strip that has a constant power section.

    General classification of devices

    Consumer devices fall into the following general categories:

    • Playback devices
      • Roku® Streaming Stick®, Amazon Fire TV Stick™, and Apple TV® streaming players
      • PlayStation®, Xbox®, and Nintendo® gaming consoles
      • Blu-ray Disc and DVD players
      • Digital cameras and Camcorders
    • Recorders
      • Blu-ray Disc, DVD or DVD/HDD recorders
      • TiVo® recorders
    • Audio System
      • A/V Receivers
      • Soundbars
    • Tuners
      • DirecTV®
      • Blu-ray Disc Recorder with a TV tuner

    Note: Depending on your TV menu options, use the supplied remote to determine the device type that is connected to the HDMI ports:

    • Press HOME → Select Settings Channels & InputsHDMI SettingsDevice ListEnable
    • Press HOME → Select Settings Watching TVExternal inputsBRAVIA Sync settingsBRAVIA Sync device listEnable
    • Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu Bravia Sync SettingsBRAVIA Sync device listEnable
    • Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu Select connected device
    • Press Sync Menu → Select HDMI Device Selection

    If the device is HDMI-CEC compatible and connected, the category type will display.

    Additional information and troubleshooting

    Note: For model-specific information required to complete any of the steps, check your product manuals .

    • To use a digital camera or camcorder with BRAVIA Sync, refer to the How to connect the camera to use the BRAVIA Sync function article.
    • If your system is not operating correctly, please refer to the The BRAVIA Sync feature does not operate properly article.
    • If your BRAVIA Sync connections have stopped working between the audio system and TV, refer to the Troubleshoot HDMI-CEC issues between the audio system and TV article.
    • Some TVs with multiple HDMI inputs require that a specific HDMI input be used for the BRAVIA Sync feature to work.
    • If you experience TV power or control issues when using BRAVIA Sync, refer to the The TV turns off by itself or the picture turns black while the sound remains article.
    • Additional HDMI-CEC tips