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The TV turns off by itself or the picture turns black while the sound remains

    This article provides steps to disable clock, timer, and sensor settings that may cause the TV to turn on or off automatically and lose the picture while sound remains.

    Before you start

    • If the TV does not turn on and LED lights on the front of the TV are lit or blinking, refer to Red, green or orange lights are on or blinking on the TV .
    • For information on the features and steps available for your model, refer to your product .

    Descriptions of the features


    • Timer: Turns on the TV from standby mode at a time you set, tuned to a channel or input of your preference.
    • Sleep Timer: Turns the TV to standby mode after a preset length of time.


    • Presence Sensor: When the sensor detects no motion in front of the TV for a certain period of time, it turns the picture off automatically, while leaving the TV sound on. Additionally, if no presence is detected after 30 minutes in picture-off mode, the TV will switch to standby mode. In some cases it will turn off the TV if you are too close to the TV or the sensor is blocked by an object.
    • Idle TV Standby: Turns the TV off after it has been idle for the preset length of time. For example, if you do not press a button on the remote control for the specified period of time the TV will turn off.
    • Auto Shut-off: Turns the TV off when no input signal is detected for a certain period of time:


      • On: Switches to standby mode after 15 minutes.
      • Off: Turns off Auto Shut-off.

    Change the settings

    Try these changes based on the TV symptom

    If the power is turning on:

    • Set the Timer to Off:
      • On the supplied remote, press HOMESettingsPreferencesClock/TimersTimerOFF
    • Set the TV auto power on setting of BRAVIA Sync settings to Off:
      • Depending on the TV
        • Press HOMESettingsTVExternal InputsBRAVIA Sync settingsTV auto power onOFF
        • Press HOMESettingsWatching TVExternal InputsBRAVIA Sync settingsTV auto power onOFF

    If the power is turning off or the picture turns black while the sound remains:

    • Set the Sleep Timer to Off:
      • Press HOMESettingsPreferencesClock/TimersTimerOFF
    • Check the following settings under the ECO section of the menu depending on your TV:
      • Press HOMESettingsPreferencesECOIntelligent Presence Sensor, Presence Sensor, Idle TV Standby or Auto Shut-off → desired settings
      • Press HOMESettingsDevice PreferencesPowerIdle TV Standby or Auto Shut-off → desired settings

    If the issue is still unresolved, check to see if a firmware or software update is available for your TV.