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The volume changes when selecting surround sound modes or input sources on the system.

    Sony® Audio/Video (A/V) receivers provide many different surround sound settings and input sources. Due to the way that the audio is electronically divided within the A/V receiver, it is normal for the overall volume to differ from sound field to sound field. Try the different surround sound modes to see which modes increase the volume to the level you would like.

    NOTE: Dolby® Digital surround sound usually plays back at a lower overall volume level to allow for a wider dynamic audio range.

    Because input sources vary in the quality, type and strength of the signal being received, it is normal for the overall volume to differ from input source to input source. However, you may wish to check the following:

    1. Verify the connection between your input source and the A/V receiver to make sure they are securely connected.
    2. Try a different input jack to eliminate any issues with the current jack that is being used.

      NOTE: If the audio is being sent from a television or set-top box to the A/V receiver, it may be necessary to disable the internal speakers of the input source or set the audio output of the TV to FIXED or VARIABLE. If the audio output of the TV is set to VARIABLE, then you will need to increase the volume level of the TV.

    3. Switch to a different source, such as a CD player, to verify whether the volume is low on all sources or just the one that you are using.

    IMPORTANT: If the volume level sounds normal on all other input sources or when playing the A/V receiver separately, contact the manufacturer of your input source for further assistance.