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Troubleshoot HDMI-CEC issues between the audio system and TV

    What Is Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)?

    Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI® function that allows the command and control of devices (cable box, Blu-ray Disc™ player, etc.) connected to your audio system and TV. An HDMI cable must be used for CEC function to work.

    What Is HDCP Lockup?

    High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Lockup is an interruption in the output signal from an audio system, such as an AV receiver or a sound bar. As a result, it can cause any of the following issues to occur:

    • Unable to Select any HDMI Inputs on the Audio System
      • An HDMI input on your audio system isn't available after you select the appropriate input.
    • No Sound
      • Sound isn't heard from the speakers of the audio system, even though switching to Audio system appears after the Bravia sync settings of the TV, and Audio Return Channel (ARC), or Control for HDMI settings of the audio system are set to On.
    • No Signal
      • No signal appears on your TV screen even though the external device (satellite receiver or a cable box) is correctly connected to the audio system. This error appears even if your TV and audio system are set to the correct input.
    • Control for HDMI, ARC Function, and Bravia Sync Don't Work
      • The Control for HDMI, ARC of the audio system, and Bravia sync settings of your TV don't function. Neither your TV, nor the audio system power on after the device connected to your audio system is powered on.


    If you observe any of the issues mentioned above, perform the steps below to clear the HDMI Lockup from either your audio system or TV. Check if the issue is resolved after you try each step. If model-specific information is needed to perform a step, check your device manual.

    1. Disconnect all HDMI devices from your TV and the audio system.
    2. Perform a power reset or restart of the TV

    3. Connect the HDMI cable from HDMI output on your audio system to the HDMI input on your TV.
      • Connect the HDMI cable to the ARC ports on both devices. To verify the location of the ARC ports, check your manuals.
    4. Make sure the HDMI Control settings on the audio system is set to On.
    5. Make sure the Bravia sync settings of the TV is set to On. For further information, refer to the TV's manual.
    6. Make sure the connected device is enabled on the Bravia sync list of the TV.
    7. Set the TV speaker settings to Audio System.
    8. To test whether the CEC function of the audio system works, check the following:
      • Switching to TV speakers appears on the TV screen when you power off the audio system.
      • Switching to Audio System appears on the TV screen when you power on the audio system.
    9. Confirm whether the audio is sent to the audio system when you launched any of the built-in internet apps on the TV.