Article ID : 00016882 / Last Modified : 04/14/2021

How to use the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature

    Most devices that support the ARC feature will have one or more HDMI inputs labeled (ARC). Not all TVs and receivers are supplied with the ARC feature. To verify that the receiver and the TV support the ARC feature, check the product specifications.

    Note: Make sure the A/V receiver has the latest software version installed before using the ARC feature.

    1. Connect one end of a high quality, high-speed HDMI® cable to the TV Out ARC connection of the receiver.

      Note: Low quality cables that are not labeled high-speed won't be able to provide the ARC function.

      High-Speed HDMI cable 

    2. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC input on the TV.

      HDMI ARC

    3. Set the HDMI Control setting on the receiver to ON.
      1. On the receiver remote control, press the Menu or Home button.
        • The menu should appear on the TV screen. If not, check your connections.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Press Enter.
      4. Select HDMI Control or CTR.HDMI.
      5. Press Enter.
      6. Select ON or CTRL ON.
      7. Press Enter.
    4. Set the Control for HDMI setting on the TV to ON.
      1. On the TV remote control, press the Home or Menu button.
      2. Select Settings or Setup
      3. Select HDMI.
      4. Select Control for HDMI.
      5. Select ON.

    Additional troubleshooting steps are available if there is no sound when using a TV or audio system using the ARC feature.