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    Never Miss an Update with Support by Sony

    The Support by Sony app allows you to access various support information about your Sony products. Get the most out of your product by receiving firmware update notifications, and viewing various support materials including manuals and Q&A. Bookmark your Sony product to the Support by Sony app and never miss an update again.


    Download Support by Sony

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    Get started in seconds

    Search for your Sony product and add it to your app
    • 1Search for your product. Product search screen
    • 2Tap [Add] to bookmark. Product support page
    • 3Quickly find support information. My Products page

    Find Various Support Information Instantly

    Bookmark your Sony product to the app and you can quickly find support information to troubleshoot your product. Tap your product and you will see the support page with information including Q&A, manuals and more.

    Get Update Notifications

    Once you bookmark a Sony product, you will receive important information and notifications of the latest firmware updates.

    Bookmark your Sony product by NFC

    Android smartphones only

    If your Sony product and smartphone both support the NFC function, you can add the product to your app with one tap without searching. Start the "Support by Sony" and then touch your smartphone to the NFC symbol on your Sony product. The support page for your product will be displayed instantly, tap "Add" to bookmark your product.

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