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What type of server can be used as the HomeShare® Network function server?

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The following devices are compatible with the HomeShare Network system and can function as the network server:

  • Sony® VAIO Media™ Plus software, versions 1.3, 1.4, 2.0 and 2.1
  • Sony NAS-S55HDE and NAS-S500HDE Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Network Audio system
  • Sony STR-DA6400ES and STR-DA5600ES Audio/Video (A/V) receiver
  • Windows Media® Player 11 and 12
  • softonic EyeConnect™ 1.6.5 (Apple® Mac OS® operating system x10.6)

The system can also be connected to a unit that supports the Digital Living Network Alliance® (DLNA®) technology version 1.5 and higher, which does the following:

  • This enables a mutual communication between your computer and a digital device.
  • This enables you to enjoy music, movies, etc. from various devices on the Home Network.