Article ID : 00046252 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to select the Speaker B option on my A/V receiver.

    NOTE: Some A/V receivers have a Speaker A and Speaker B switch on the front panel of the unit. The Speaker A output is used for the speakers in the main room while the Speaker B output is for a second pair of speakers in another room (garage or patio, etc.).

    Follow the steps below to access the Speaker B option on your receiver:

    NOTE: For model-specific information regarding any of the steps below, refer to the supplied manual.

    1. Make sure that speakers are properly hooked up to the Front B speaker port of the receiver.
    2. Using the supplied remote, pull up the menu of the A/V receiver and select Speaker Settings.
    3. Under Speaker Settings, select Speaker Pattern.
    4. Use the arrow up button or arrow down button to choose 3/2.1
    5. Select SB Assign parameter.
    6. Select Speaker B.
    7. Press the SPEAKER button repeatedly on the receiver until SP B is displayed on the front panel.