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Play a Blu-ray Disc in Dolby Atmos using a Multi Channel A/V receiver or soundbar

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    Before you start

    You will need the following to enjoy Blu-ray Disc™ media in Dolby Atmos® audio format using a Multi Channel A/V receiver or sound bar:

    • A ceiling speaker or sound bar that supports Dolby Atmos
    • A Premium High Speed HDMI® cable with ethernet
    • A Blu-ray Disc player that's compatible with Dolby Atmos
    • A Blu-ray Disc that supports Dolby Atmos

    Set up your devices to play Dolby Atmos format

    1. Connect the Multi Channel A/V receiver or soundbar to the Blu-ray Disc player and to the TV.

    2. Adjust the settings on these devices depending on your setup:

      Multi Channel A/V receiver

      Blu-ray Disc player

    3. From the Blu-ray Disc menu, choose the sound or language setting for Dolby Atmos.
      • The options to set the audio format depends on the disc. Check the documents supplied with the disc for more information.