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What file formats are supported by the Album, Music, and Video apps?

    IMPORTANT: This article provides information on the file formats supported by the application version pre-installed on your TV. Additional information is available for the file formats supported by the Media Player application downloaded from the app store.

    To view the information for supported files and formats, refer to your Help Guide.

    Access your TV's Help Guide

    This guide is available online from your product support page and the Help Guide on your TV.

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    • The Media Player app doesn't support Dolby content.
    • LPCM audio format is for Home Network only.
    • 2K TV models don't support 4K video playback.
    • If a file in a supported format doesn't play, check if the content is corrupt by testing playback on a computer or another device. Not all supported files will play on the TV, depending on the file.
    • Although you can play back formats not listed in Supported files and formats, proper operation is not guaranteed.
    • W8L, X64L_X70L_X74L_X75L, X77L_X78L, W8K, X75K, W8, X7, and X75H series TVs don't support LPCM files (Music). LPCM files (Music) are only supported when using a home network for other models.