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The stereo receiver will not play the right audio format when playing a Blu-ray Disc title.

    The steps below will help resolve the inability of the Blu-ray Disc® (BD) player or BD Home Theater (HT) system to output a Dolby® Digital +, Dolby TrueHD, or DTS™ HD bitstream signal to an Audio/Video (A/V) stereo receiver or amplifier.

    1. Using the remote control that came supplied with the BD player, press the HOME button.
    2. Select the Setup [FIG. 1] icon using the left or right arrows.
    3. Select Audio Settings using the UP or DOWN arrows.
    4. Press ENTER.
    5. Select Audio (HDMI).
    6. Press ENTER.
    7. Select Auto.
    8. Press ENTER.
    9. Select BD Audio Setting. (BD Audio Mix Setting for newer models).
    10. Press ENTER.
    11. Select Direct or Off.
    12. Press ENTER.
    13. Press the TOP MENU button to begin normal operation or the HOME to go back to the menu.
    14. Try again to play the disc.