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The BRAVIA Sync or Control for HDMI feature does not work

    This issue is likely due to errors that are occuring when too many HDMI-CEC devices are connected to the BRAVIA Sync system. The feature allows you to control many devices with one remote control. If you are having problems with your BRAVIA Sync system, such as remote control issues or devices that don't appear as input selections, then follow the steps below to resolve the issues.

    If model-specific information is needed to complete any steps, check your product manuals. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Verify that each device has HDMI-CEC compatibility and the HDMI Control setting is On.
    2. Perform a Power Reset or Restart of the TV

    3. Make sure your connected devices do not exceed the HDMI-CEC standard that supports a combination of the following devices:
      • 1 - TV
      • 1 - Audio system
      • Up to 3 - Playback devices
      • Up to 3 - Recording devices
      • Up to 4 - Tuner devices

      Note: If the devices connected exceed the maximum supported in a device category (if you have four playback devices for example), then errors in operation will occur. A/V receivers and soundbars connected to the TV may show as more than one device, appearing as an audio system and a playback device.

    4. Depending on your TV menu options, use the supplied remote to determine the device type that is connected to the HDMI ports:
      • Press HOME → Select Settings Channels & InputsHDMI SettingsDevice ListEnable
      • Press HOME → Select Settings Watching TVExternal inputsBRAVIA Sync settingsBRAVIA Sync device listEnable
      • Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu Bravia Sync SettingsBRAVIA Sync device listEnable
      • Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu Select connected device
      • Press Sync Menu → Select HDMI Device Selection

      Note: Review the general classification of device types.
    5. Connecting more devices than the category type supports will create operation errors. To resolve:
      • Disconnect all devices and reconnect one at a time.
      • Check the device type each time you add a device to the system.
    6. Once you add a device that exceeds a category type, use one of these steps to resolve:
      • Disable the HDMI Control on the device.
      • Disconnect the device when using BRAVIA Sync.


    • Although a device is HDMI-CEC compatible, the features and control functions can vary depending on the manufacturer. Check the product manual of the device for details.
    • If your system has a TV and an A/V Receiver or Soundbar, even if you connect HDMI® devices at both units, the device limit will remain the same:
      • The HDMI-CEC standard daisy-chains the devices.
      • Example: If the TV has an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, and PlayStation connected and the A/V Receiver has a DVD player connected, the system will not work properly as there are four players connected throughout the system.