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How to perform a Test Tone.


    • Not all Blu-ray Disc® Home Theater, DVD Home Theater, and AV receivers have a Test Tone function. Refer to the specifications or instructions manual supplied with the unit to check if the Test Tone function is available. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • The steps on how to perform a Test Tone vary depending on the model of your Blu-ray Disc Home Theater, DVD Home Theater, and AV receivers. Consult the instructions manual for model specific information.
    • The home theater system or AV receiver must be connected to a TV to display the menu settings.
    • The steps in this article is an example of how to perform a test tone on a BDV-N790W Blu-ray Disc home theater system.
    1. On the supplied remote control of the home theater system or AV receiver, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Setup.
    3. Select Audio Settings.
    4. Select Speaker Settings.
    5. Select Test Tone and set it to On.

      NOTE: Once this setting is enabled, the test tone is emitted from each speaker in sequence while adjusting the level.

    6. Press the up or down arrow keys to select Level.
    7. Select the desired speaker type.
    8. Press up or down arrow keys to adjust the level.
    9. Press the Enter button once the desired level for the speaker is adjusted.
    10. Repeat steps 7 to 9 to adjust other speakers.
    11. Press RETURN button on the remote control.

      NOTE: The screen returns to the previous display.

    12. Select Test Tone.
    13. Select Off.

    NOTE: The test tone signals are not output from the HDMI (OUT) jack.