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How to record to a Sony camcorder using an Audio/Video (A/V) or i.LINK cable.

    IMPORTANT: Not all Sony® camcorders will allow recording through A/V cables. Consult the operating instructions for compatibility information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Connect an A/V cable or i.LINK® cable from the output of the video source device to the A/V jacks or i.LINK port on the Sony camcorder.
      • i.LINK cable:i.LINK® cable
      • i.LINK port:i.LINK port


      • If your camcorder has Standard A/V Output Jacks, use Standard A/V Cables for the connection.
        • Standard A/V Output Jacks:Standard A/V Output Jacks
        • Standard A/V Cables:Standard A/V Cables
      • If you camcorder has a Mini A/V Output Jack, use an A/V Cable with a Mini Connection on one end.
        • Mini A/V Output Jack:Mini A/V Output Jack
        • A/V Cable with a Mini Connection:A/V Cable with a Mini Connection


      • When using an i.LINK cable, the A/V inputs on the camcorder will be disabled.
      • Some models require that the desired input control mode is selected in the camcorder menu. Refer to the operating instructions for additional model-specific information.
      • The video source must have a video output to allow for this function.
    2. Turn on the Sony camcorder to the VTR mode.
    3. Insert a blank tape into the camcorder.
    4. Play the video source.

      NOTE: To record both audio and video, the source device must be correctly configured. Refer to the operating instructions of the source device for the proper instructions on how to configure the audio and video output settings.

    5. On the Sony camcorder, press the RECORD button.