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How to cancel the DEMO Mode on the camcorder.

    To disable the DEMO mode on the camcorder, insert a cassette tape.

    IMPORTANT: Some models have a DEMO MODE option available in the menu system. If the DEMO MODE is not disabled by inserting a cassette, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the camcorder for the procedure needed to disable this function in the menu system.

    • You cannot select DEMO MODE when the NightShot® feature is on.
    • You cannot select DEMO MODE when a cassette is inserted in your camcorder.
    • Demo Mode is set STBY (Standby) at the factory and the demonstration starts about 10 minutes after you have set the POWER switch to other than CAMERA or set DEMO MODE to OFF.
    • DEMO will only be displayed when using the AC power adapter in the MOVIE or STILL Mode.