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Transfer video to a Windows PC using an i.LINK connection (IEEE 1394)

    Before You Start


    • Check to see if your PC has an i.LINK (IEEE1394) jack on the front, back or either side. If your computer is equipped with an i.LINK port, you do not need to install a dedicated driver.
    • To import videos to your computer, you need to install the designated software.

    Transfer the videos to the PC

    1. Install the designated software necessary for importing videos to your computer. Unfortunately, Sony no longer supports the software bundled with cameras for this purpose. Please check for other commercially available software that can support DV/HDV video via i.LINK (IEEEE1394) on your computer.
    2. Connect your camcorder to the computer using a compatible i.LINK cable, and turn the camcorder on.
    3. Follow the instructions from the designated software to import the video.


    • If you use an HDV camcorder, the camcorder settings will differ depending on the format recorded on the tape and the format to be imported to the computer.
    • When you import videos in the HDV format, the image quality becomes HD (high definition). When you import videos in the DV format, it becomes STD (standard definition).

      Menu Setting of the camcorder
    Recorded format/Input formatVCR HDV/DVi.Link conv.