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What is the Smooth Slow Recording (SMTH SLW REC) feature?

    Smooth Slow Recording (SMTH SLW REC) is a feature available on select models of Sony® Handycam® camcorders for shooting high-speed video photography. Using this feature, quick motions (such as a golf or tennis swing and the flapping of a bird's wings) that cannot easily be seen by the naked eye can be recorded and played back in smooth, slow-motion images.

    Compared to the normal recording field rate of 60 fields per second, Smooth Slow Recording uses 240 fields per second. When the feature is activated, it will record for 3 seconds. However, the video will display as a 12-second, slow-motion movie when playing back.


    • Using this feature will reduce the picture quality.
    • There is no vibration correction when using this feature.
    • No sound is recorded when using this feature.