Article ID : 00026158 / Last Modified : 03/30/2021

Attach an Accessory Lens or Filter to Your Camera

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Before You Start

    • Some cameras require a lens adapter ring to connect accessory lenses and filters. Check the Accessories Compatibility Information for correct accessory lenses and filters.
    • Other cameras have a lens ring that you need to remove first before you can attach the adapter ring to the camera. Check the specifications of your camera for further information.

    Attach an Accessory Lens or Filter

    1. Remove the lens cover from the front of the camera.
    2. If applicable, remove the lens ring from the camera.
    3. If applicable, attach the lens adapter ring to the camera.
    4. Position the accessory lens or filter over the internal lens on the front of the camera.
    5. Attach or fasten the accessory lens or filter to the camera.

      Len Filter

      • Depending on the model of camera, the accessory lens or filter may simply snap into place or it may require twisting until it is firmly attached to the camera.


    • Not all cameras can attach accessory lenses and filters.
    • Some lens filters feature threads on both the inside and outside of the ring that will allow an accessory lens to connect at the same time. Install the filter first to the camera, then the accessory lens.