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How do I get the driver to connect my camera or camcorder to my computer?

    Digital cameras and camcorders can transfer image and video content directly to a computer. There are multiple ways to transfer content including:

    • USB cable connection
    • i.Link™ cable connection (Mini-DV and Digital8™ camcorders)
    • Removing Memory Stick™ or SD™ card media and connecting directly to the computer card reader
    • Note: Check the operation manuals of your device for media type and connection details.

    If you want to transfer content from the camera or camcorder to your computer using a cable (such as a supplied USB cable), connect the device to your computer the with the supplied cable. In most cases you don't need a driver. Drivers are no longer needed due to operating system improvements.

    Please check the following for more information:

    Digital Tape Camcorders

    • For Memory Stick/SD card media, you can import content by removing the media from the device and connecting it to a memory card reader on the computer. No special driver is required to import from the media cards.
      Note: Depending on the model, the Handycam Station (supplied accessory dock) has a USB output terminal.
    • For movies recorded on tape, check the Videotape importing guide for instructions on how to capture movies to your computer from videotape.

    All Other Digital Camcorders and Cameras