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Unable to receive a GPS signal with the nav-u™ unit.

    Check the following if you are unable to receive a GPS signal:

    NOTE: You may not receive a signal in a structure such as a home or building. To receive a signal, take the unit outside, turn it off and then turn it back on again.

    • After the initial installation, park your car in a safe, open place (no high buildings, etc.) for up to 20 minutes to allow for GPS signals to be received before using the navigation system. The system requires signals from a minimum of three GPS satellites to calculate the current car position properly.
    • Check the strength of the GPS signal reception on the GPS information screen. If it is low, move your car to a place where signals can be received clearly.
    • If your battery has lost its charge, it may take time for the GPS signal to be received after charging and restarting the unit.
    • The optional External GPS Antenna (VCA-41) may be required if your car has a heated or heat-reflective windshield or window film on the windshield.

      NOTE: If you are unsure if your windshield has a reflective coating that may be interfering with your signal, with the car parked, take the nav-u unit outside your vehicle to see if you can obtain a signal.

    • Move any objects that may be blocking signal reception.
    • Install the unit where the signal is not interrupted by the body of the car. You may need to reposition your nav-u unit to find the ideal location.
    • If you are still unable to receive a GPS signal, reset the unit .