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What is the wire color and function of each pin on the 16-pin wiring harness?

    The following table provides the function of each pin on the 16-pin wiring harness.

    IMPORTANT: If additional installation procedures or information is needed, contact a qualified car stereo installer.

    Pin Number Wire Color Function
    1 White Left Front Positive
    2 Green Left Rear Positive
    3 Violet Right Rear Positive
    4 Grey Right Front Positive
    5 Blue or White Amplifier Remote
    6 Blue Antenna Remote
    7 Red Accessory 12 Volts
    8 Black Ground
    9 White or Black Left Front Negative
    10 Green or Black Left Rear Negative
    11 Violet or Black Right Rear Negative
    12 Grey or Black Right Front Negative
    13 Sky Blue Telephone Mute
    14 Orange or White Illumination
    15 Not used Not used
    16 Yellow Constant 12 Volts