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How to update GPS assist data to a card reader or media card slot on a computer

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  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Insert the Memory Stick media into the built-in Memory Stick slot of the computer or an attached card reader.

    IMPORTANT: It is recommended that Memory Stick media be used. Using an SD card is not guaranteed.

    NOTE: Any Removable Disk windows that may open on the computer screen can be closed.

  3. Start the PMB Launcher software.
  4. In the PMB Launcher window, click GPS.
  5. Click GPS Support Tool.
  6. In the GPS Support Tool window, in the Drive: field, click the down arrow to select the drive where the memory card is inserted.
  7. In the GPS Support Tool dialog box, click the Update Now button.

    IMPORTANT: The computer must be connected to the Internet during the update to complete this step.