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What is Auto Portrait Framing and how do I use it?

    Auto Portrait Framing combines Face Recognition, composition algorithms based on the Rule of Thirds principle, and By Pixel Super Resolution to create optimally framed portraits from images in which faces are detected.


    There are conditions required for proper operation of Auto Portrait Framing:

    1. Face Detection must be set to On or On - Register Faces.
    2. A face must be detected - signified by a white square which turns green at the time the image is captured.

    Once the shot is taken, the original shot is recorded, and if Playback Review is selected, a white frame is drawn around the subject indicating the composition of the optimized portrait. Depending on the camera algorithms, an originally horizontal shot may be cropped to a vertical, a vertical may be cropped to a horizontal, or the aspect ratio may remain unchanged. Because the crop uses only a portion of the original picture data, By Pixel Super Resolution automatically increases the resolution to the size of the original photograph.

    IMPORTANT: A face may not be detected if the face is turned away from the camera, or if the face is not large enough in the frame. For example, if the subject is far away from the camera, the face may not be large enough in the frame to be recognized. The face detection is functioning only when the white square outline over a detected face turns to green when focus is locked and the photo taken. If the white outline changes to the focus points, the face has not been detected, and the conventional auto-focus has taken over. When this occurs, Auto Portrait Framing will not be engaged.

    NOTES: Auto Portrait Framing cannot be used in the circumstances listed below.

    • The Exposure mode is set to Sweep Panorama, 3D Sweep Panorama, Tele-zoom Continuous Priority AE, Movie, or if the Scene Selection is set to Hand-held Twilight or Sports Action.
    • The Quality option is set to RAW or RAW&JPEG.
    • The camera is set to use Continuous shooting, Continuous Bracket, Multi Frame Noise Reduction, Auto HDR, Manual Focus, Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Rich-Tone Mono, or Miniature.