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How to delete pictures stored on the Memory Stick® media from the computer.

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Follow the procedure below to delete pictures stored on Memory Stick® media using a computer.


  • The camera PTP mode must be set to NORMAL to allow pictures to be deleted using the computer. If pictures are not being deleted, the camera PTP mode is set to PTP.
  • When deleting items on the Memory Stick® media through the computer, the operating system may create a Recycle Bin on the Memory Stick® media. This Recycle Bin will take up memory space and may limit the amount of pictures that can be stored. For this reason, it is recommended that pictures are deleted in the camera and not from the computer.

  1. From within the My Computer window, double-click the Removable Disk icon that represents the camera.
  2. In the Removable Disk window, double-click the DCIM folder.
  3. In the DCIM window, double-click the 100msdcf folder.

    NOTE: This folder label may start with a different number based on the file structure setup on the camera.

  4. Click to select the image to delete.
  5. On the menu bar , click Edit .
  6. On the Edit menu, click Delete .
  7. In the Confirmation window, click the Yes button to confirm deleting the file.